Monday, October 3, 2011

Munnar Tourism Season 2011 - 2012, All Set to Begin

At last the rains seems to have receded for  a while in Kerala and this is altogether a good news for Munnar, which might be experiencing yet another amazing tourism season for the year 2011 - 2012. The rain always played havoc with the tourism prospects of Munnar and since the rains have weakened, Munnar is all set to welcome travelers from across the globe.

As we all know that the months from October to May is the most perfect time to visit Munnar as we would be able to explore Munnar at its best. In the rainy seasons we would be deprived from visiting the major attractions of Munnar due to the bad weather conditions, but during the tourist season we would not be deprived of enjoying the beauty of Munnar hill station.

The flora and fauna would be at its best in Munnar during the months of October to May and we can see a wide variety of plants and wild animals in Munnar at this time. All the hotels and resorts in Munnar has started being busy once the month of October has arrived, as they have started getting room bookings from different parts of the globe. The luxury as well as budget hotels and resorts in Munnar would be aiming to make the best out of this tourist season in Munnar.

The restaurants and other shopping centers also expect to get a big boom this tourist season, but before getting into any of the restaurants make sure about the credibility and reputation of these restaurants. This is because these days a lot of hotels have been accused of serving bad food items to its customers.

The local tourist guide also expects a fantastic tourist season ahead in Munnar and this would be the best time for them to get their pockets filled with some good money. Before visiting Munnar make sure that you download any online stuffs that helps you in getting the details of the major tourist destinations in Munnar that are worth visiting and plan your tour accordingly. It is always better to have a prior knowledge about the attractions and destinations that you are going to visit in Munnar.

Also make sure that you carry your own first aid kit with you as you might get affected by cold due to the unique climate in Munnar. When you reach Kochi airport or any other railway station via your trip to Munnar, the climate in those areas would be hot. But once you reach Munnar, the climate changes dramatically and it becomes too cool and chilly. So it may affect your health conditions if proper precautions are not taken. Carry few woolen clothes with you to tackle the cool climate of Munnar.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kolukkumalai Tea Estate in Munnar

The Kolukkumalai Tea Estate in Munnar is yet another must to visit destination in Munnar which would give you an unforgettable travel experience. The Kolukkumalai Tea Estate which is situated around 35 km away from Munnar is situated on a precipitous ridge above the scorching plains of Tamil Nadu. The tea estate is situated around 8000 feet above sea level and is one of the highest tea estate in the World.
The tea produced at Kolukkumalai Tea Estate is well known for its amazing flavour and is of high demand. The processing of the tea is done at the top of the hill at around 7500ft and the tea processing takes place in factories that was  built in the 1930s. The visit to Kolukkumalai Tea Estate in Munnar is an amazing adventure experience as the drive up to the top of the mountain would leave you with a crazy travel experience. The best way of transportation mode is to hire a Jeep which is the best to climb the roads filled with mud and stone and moreover bumpy.

Once you get on the top of the mountain, you will witness one of the most amazing nature beauty you have ever seen and if you have a camera don't forget to take the beautiful snaps. Since it takes almost 90 minutes journey from Munnar, make sure that you take all the necessary items that is required for a adventure ride through the mountains.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

5 Reasons Why I Love to Visit Munnar Again and Again

Munnar hill stations are one of the most perfect holiday destinations in Kerala and you would not become bored of Munnar despite visiting it frequently.  In my experience I have visited Munnar around 12 times so far and I still love to visit Munnar again and again. Most of the people have this same experience as they never get tired of visiting Munnar. Munar tour packages and plans always thrill everyone due to various factors and at the peak of the tourist season in Munnar you can see travellers from across the World visiting this beautiful hill stations.

Here are 5 of the major reasons that make Munnar hill stations one of my favourite tourist destinations in Kerala.

1) Natural Beauty
Natural beauty has been the hall mark of Munnar and it is one of the major reason why Munnar hill stations attract a huge amount of travellers. You would always love to watch the natural beauty of Munnar and it would always offer you a good photo session. The photos of Munnar hills which looks like covered by green blanket are a treat for all and you cannot experience this amazing beauty in any other part of Kerala. The natural beauty also offers a perfect Munnar sightseeing experience.

2) Cool Climate
Munnar's cool climate and weather conditions had made it the summer destination for the British rulers in the past and still the amazing climate in Munnar makes it a top tourist destination in Kerala. The hill stations of Munnar experiences a cool climate throughout the year and is also known as the "Kashmir of the South".

3) Rich Flora and Fauna
Munnar boasts of a rich and amazing range of flora and Fauna and you can see some of the most rare and unique plant and animal species in Munnar.  Munnar also has a well-known wildlife sanctuary which attracts a lot of travellers. The neelakurinji flower species which blossoms once in every 12 years.

4) Affordable Accommodation
Even though there are a number of top class hotels and resorts in Munnar, you would not find any difficulty in getting an affordable accommodation. The reason is that there are a lot of economy hotels and lodges which makes accommodation in Munnar affordable to all.

5) Trekking Spots
Munnar is one of the major adventure destinations in Kerala and one of the major adventure item that I have enjoyed in Munnar is trekking. There are some exceptional trekking spots in Munnar which would give you a memorable adventure experience.

Monday, August 8, 2011

5 Beautiful Photos of Munnar Tea Plantations

The tea plantations in Munnar are one of the major factor that adds beauty to this amazing hill station. The tea plantations have been there for a long time and these tea plantation looks like a green blanket covering Munnar. The picturesque tea plantations in Munnar also offers jobs to a large number of people. Majority of  the tea plantations have been overtaken by TATA Tea Company, but still these tea plantations are one of the major attractions of Munnar Hills.

Whenever you hear the name "Munnar", the images of the tea plantations are the first thing that runs to your mind. The tea plantations at Munnar is a photographer's delight and the atmosphere around these tea plantation is one the most perfect for a romantic holiday session. At the tea plantation you can see the workers collecting the leaf for further processing and you will understand how difficult it is to get the tea powder in the form of what you get from a shop.

Lets have a look at 5 of the most beautiful photos of Munnar tea plantation which I have got from some other sources on the net. Hope you enjoy it.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

5 Amazing Photos of Munnar Hills

Munnar is one of the most beautiful hill station in south India and is among Kerala's top tourist destination. Munnar hill station has a pleasant climate except for the monsoon seasons and has everything to make a perfect hill station vacation spot. Exploring Munnar is a never ending process as Munnar hills has a lot to offer for the tourists.

Here are some of the good photos of Munnar, which was taken by one of my friend during his trip to Munnar hills. I would like to share 5 of the best photos og Munnar hill station that he took while on his trip to Munnar. Hope you all enjoy this.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Asiatic Elephants at Eravikulam, Munnar (Video)

Eravikulam National Park is one of the major attractions of Munnar. The national park in the hill stations of Munnar is home to a wide variety of wild animals and birds. One such amazing wild animal species is the Asiatic elephants that are present at Eravikulam national park in Munnar.

The Asiatic elephants at Munnar are one of the best wildlife scenes to be viewed and people travel to Eravikulam to have a glimpse of these Asiatic elephants. There elephants roam about in the forest in groups and at times they may turn violent. But most of the time the Asiatic elephants in Munnar turn violent due to some provocations which is created by human beings. While going through Youtube video clips, I saw a small but beautiful video clip and thought to share it on my blog. Hope you enjoy this video by

Monday, July 25, 2011

Current Weather in Munnar Not the Best for Tourism

The current weather in Munnar is not the best for tourism, as Munnar is experiencing heavy rainfall on behalf of the monsoon in Kerala. It may be a better weather condition if you are just aiming to take some snaps of the rain in Munnar. But if you are planning your Munnar trip to explore the beauty of this beautiful and amazing hill station, then the current weather in Munnar would not be helping you out in any way.

Kerala usually experience monsoon season from June to September and most of the places in Kerala receive heavy rainfall during this period. Munnar also receives a good amount of monsoon rain during this time and as a result you would not be able to freely wander around in Munnar during the rainy season. This would take away the enjoyment of your Munnar tour and you may repent on your decision. In the current weather situation in Munnar, you may also find it difficult to reach there as you would have to come face to face with some bad roads and other natural disasters such as landslide and heavy winds.

If you really like to enjoy the beauty of Munnar, then it is better you plan you tour during the months of October to February. These months offers a pleasant climate which is most suited for tourism and you would be able to enjoy the beauty of Munnar at its best. Plan you trip to Munnar during the above mentioned time and book a room in any of the hotels or resorts in Munnar to make your stay at Munnar more comfortable. During these months there would not be any serious rains and this would help you in exploring Munnar hill stations in a much better way.

So just wait a few months and allow the current weather in Munnar to change, in order to visit Munnar. Till then you can explore other tourist destinations that are worth watching during the monsoon season in Kerala.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Kannan Devan Tea Museum at Munnar Hills

The Kannan Devan Tea Museum is India's  first ever tea museum and located at Kannan Deven Hill Planatation’s Nullatanni estate in Munnar, which is hardly a few kilometers away from Munnar Town. The Tea Museum in Munnar is one of the most unique attraction in Munnar and if you ever visit Munnar Hill Stations, then make sure that you don't miss out on visiting the Kannan Devan tea museum.

The fee for entering the museum is Rs 50 and first you would be taken to a place where you can watch a documentary film which narrates the history of Munnar and the Kannan Devan tea estate. There would also be a person who would give you an awareness on how the tea powder is created from the leaves of tea. On the factory floor you can see live how the tea powder is being created from the leaves and this is scene that is worth watching.

The museum also contains a collection of antiques and other belongings of the estate employees in the British era.
The tea museum at munnar clearly tells us about the growth of the century old tea plantations. There is also an iron-age burial urn from the 2nd century BC that was exhumed near Periakanal Estate in the 1970s.  The Kannan Devan Tea Museum really adds flavour to the tourism indsutry in Munnar, as a lot of tourist visit this tea museum and tea processing unit.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

10 Budget Hotels in Munnar for You to Stay

Accommodation is one of the major things that you need to book in advance while touring Munnar in Kerala. The hill station offers ample opportunity for accommodation ranging from budget to economy as per your requirements. The amazing Munnar hill station has everything required to make a perfect accommodation with your friends of family and the weather at Munnar is so splendid that you would not mind staying at the hotels or resorts in Munnar for a day or two.

Most of the resorts and hotels available in Munnar offers different rates and tariffs and you can chose the best tariff that suits your wallet. Since most of the people visiting Munnar cannot luxury hotel accommodation in Munnar, there are a lot of budget and economy hotels and resorts in Munnar where the common people can afford to stay for a day or two with his friends or family.
The budget hotels in Munnar are available almost in all the major hot spots in the region and most of these hotels are branded and well known. Even though we say budget hotels or economy hotels, these hotels in Munnar have almost all the necessary modern facilities and amenities. Before going for an accommodation in Munnar it is recommended to do  a good research on the hotels and resorts that are available in Munnar, their facilities, tariffs and rates etc.

Here I would like to list 5 major budget hotels in Munnar that would make your stay at Munnar comfortable. I haven’t personally been to these hotels, but the list is just which I got after doing a small research on the internet. Have a look at them.

1) Camp Noel
Address - Pazhathottam, Koviloor P.O., Munnar, Idukki 685615, India
Phone - +91-4865-214095
Website -

2) The Silvertips Munnar
Address - Old Munnar, Idukki dist, Kerala
Phone - 04865 230238, 231277
Website -

3) Blackberry Hills Retreat & Spa
Address - Bison Valley Road, Pothamedu, Munnar 685612, India
Phone - +91 4872420338
Website -

4) Deshadan Mountain Resorts
Address - Pothanmedu Village, Munnar 685612, India
Phone - 0484 - 2321518
Website -

5) Misty Mountain Resort
Address - Randam Mile / Second Mile Junction, Pallivasal,, Munnar 685565, India
Phone - +91 04865 263784 / 263804
Website -

6) The Tea Sanctuary
Address - Kanan Devan Hills Plantations Company Pvt Ltd, KDHP House, Munnar 685612, India
Phone - +91 4865 230141
Website -

7) Edassery Eastend
Address - Temple Road, Munnar 685 612, India
Phone -
Website -

8) Bella Vista Resort
Address - Chithirapuram Post, Idukki Dist., Munnar 685565, India
Phone - 04865 263280
Website -

9) Hillview Munnar
Address - A.M Road | Kannan Devan Hills, Munnar 685612, India
Phone - +91 4865 230567, 230241, 230801, 230882
Website -

10) High Range Club
Address - High Range Club, Munnar, Munnar 685612, India
Phone -  04865 230253, 230724, 230597
Website -

Monday, July 4, 2011

Eravikulam National Park and its Attractions

Eravikulam National Park or Rajamalai National Park  is one of the top attractions in Munnar and this national park is home to some of the rare animal and plant species. The park is under the administration of Kerala Department of Forests and Wildlife and is also under consideration by UNESCO World Heritage Committee for selecting  it as a World Heritage Site.
The beautiful Eravikulam National Park is home to almost 26 species of mammals and some of the mammals present at the Rajamalai National Park include Gaur, Indian Muntjac and Sambar Deer, Nilgiri Tahr, Golden Jackal, Jungle Cat, Wild dog, Dhole, leopard, tiger, Nilgiri langur, Stripe-necked Mongoose, Indian Porcupine, Nilgiri Marten, small clawed otter, Ruddy Mongoose etc. The park contains three kinds of plant communities such as grasslands, shrublands and forests.
The superb scenery and the amazing weather makes this wildlife park a  favorite travel destination in Munnar. To enter the park, one has to buy tickets and if you are visiting Eravikulam National park during the peak tourist season, then you have to wait in a long line of queue to get the tickets. After gettin the tickets a forest department bus would take you along a narrow mountain road towards the Eravikulam National Park.
The Nigiri Tahr is the major attraction of Rajamalai park and this animal is one of the rarest animal species in the world. You need to walk around 2-3 km after getting off from the forest department bus and here is where you could spot a Nilgiri Tahr. Another major thing that attracts you at this spot is the view of the amazing Nilgiris along with some great waterfalls.

There is a lot to capture in you camera and it is always better to carry your camera with you all the time during your visit to Eravikulam National Park. Also make sure that you carry some woolen clothes so that you can sustain the cool climate that prevails over the Rajamalai National Park.

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Amazing Munnar Hill Station in Kerala

Munnar Hill Station is one of the most beautiful tourist destination in South India and is also know as the "Kashmir of the South". The beautiful hill station of Munnar in Kerala, is located on the western ghats in the district of Idukki and is well know for its scenic beauty and eco friendly atmosphere. Munnar has a cool climate through out the year and the major reason behind this is that Munnar is situated around 1800 meter above the sea level. Due to its abundance of natural beauty and cool climate, it has become one of the perfect honeymoon destination in Kerala.

Majority of the Munnar hills are covered by Tea plantation, which make the hill station look like covered with a green blanket. One of the major attraction of Munnar is the Eravikulam national park which is home to some of the unique and rare wild species. Eravikulam national park also offers some of the amazing wild trees and plants which are rarely found in other parts of the world. Munnar is also home to the famous flower species "Neelakurinji" which blossoms once in every 12 years. The last time it bloomed was in the year 2006.

Anamudi peak is yet another hot spot in Munnar that one should not miss out on. This is Kerala's highest mountain peak and is situated 13 km away from Munnar. Once can also visit Mattupetty which is know for storage masonry dam and lake which is very much suitable for boat rides. Mattupetty also houses the famous diary farm run by Indo -Swiss  livestock project, where we can see  a large number of high yielding cow breeds.

Other major attractions and hot spots of Munnar include Pallivasal, Chinnakanal, Chinnar, Anayirangal, Rajamal, echo point and tea museum. More information on these attractions would be covered later in this blog. Munnar is well connected to the other major cities in Kerala by road, and the nearest airport is at Cochin, which is around 135 kms away. The neares railhead is at Aluva which is also around 130 kms away from Munnar. You would also be able to find a large number of economy and luxury hotels in and around Munnar to make your stay more comfortable.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Welcome to the Blog on Munnar, Kerala

I would like to welcome all to this blog on Munnar. Stay tuned for more updates.