Monday, August 8, 2011

5 Beautiful Photos of Munnar Tea Plantations

The tea plantations in Munnar are one of the major factor that adds beauty to this amazing hill station. The tea plantations have been there for a long time and these tea plantation looks like a green blanket covering Munnar. The picturesque tea plantations in Munnar also offers jobs to a large number of people. Majority of  the tea plantations have been overtaken by TATA Tea Company, but still these tea plantations are one of the major attractions of Munnar Hills.

Whenever you hear the name "Munnar", the images of the tea plantations are the first thing that runs to your mind. The tea plantations at Munnar is a photographer's delight and the atmosphere around these tea plantation is one the most perfect for a romantic holiday session. At the tea plantation you can see the workers collecting the leaf for further processing and you will understand how difficult it is to get the tea powder in the form of what you get from a shop.

Lets have a look at 5 of the most beautiful photos of Munnar tea plantation which I have got from some other sources on the net. Hope you enjoy it.

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