Wednesday, August 17, 2011

5 Reasons Why I Love to Visit Munnar Again and Again

Munnar hill stations are one of the most perfect holiday destinations in Kerala and you would not become bored of Munnar despite visiting it frequently.  In my experience I have visited Munnar around 12 times so far and I still love to visit Munnar again and again. Most of the people have this same experience as they never get tired of visiting Munnar. Munar tour packages and plans always thrill everyone due to various factors and at the peak of the tourist season in Munnar you can see travellers from across the World visiting this beautiful hill stations.

Here are 5 of the major reasons that make Munnar hill stations one of my favourite tourist destinations in Kerala.

1) Natural Beauty
Natural beauty has been the hall mark of Munnar and it is one of the major reason why Munnar hill stations attract a huge amount of travellers. You would always love to watch the natural beauty of Munnar and it would always offer you a good photo session. The photos of Munnar hills which looks like covered by green blanket are a treat for all and you cannot experience this amazing beauty in any other part of Kerala. The natural beauty also offers a perfect Munnar sightseeing experience.

2) Cool Climate
Munnar's cool climate and weather conditions had made it the summer destination for the British rulers in the past and still the amazing climate in Munnar makes it a top tourist destination in Kerala. The hill stations of Munnar experiences a cool climate throughout the year and is also known as the "Kashmir of the South".

3) Rich Flora and Fauna
Munnar boasts of a rich and amazing range of flora and Fauna and you can see some of the most rare and unique plant and animal species in Munnar.  Munnar also has a well-known wildlife sanctuary which attracts a lot of travellers. The neelakurinji flower species which blossoms once in every 12 years.

4) Affordable Accommodation
Even though there are a number of top class hotels and resorts in Munnar, you would not find any difficulty in getting an affordable accommodation. The reason is that there are a lot of economy hotels and lodges which makes accommodation in Munnar affordable to all.

5) Trekking Spots
Munnar is one of the major adventure destinations in Kerala and one of the major adventure item that I have enjoyed in Munnar is trekking. There are some exceptional trekking spots in Munnar which would give you a memorable adventure experience.

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