Monday, July 25, 2011

Current Weather in Munnar Not the Best for Tourism

The current weather in Munnar is not the best for tourism, as Munnar is experiencing heavy rainfall on behalf of the monsoon in Kerala. It may be a better weather condition if you are just aiming to take some snaps of the rain in Munnar. But if you are planning your Munnar trip to explore the beauty of this beautiful and amazing hill station, then the current weather in Munnar would not be helping you out in any way.

Kerala usually experience monsoon season from June to September and most of the places in Kerala receive heavy rainfall during this period. Munnar also receives a good amount of monsoon rain during this time and as a result you would not be able to freely wander around in Munnar during the rainy season. This would take away the enjoyment of your Munnar tour and you may repent on your decision. In the current weather situation in Munnar, you may also find it difficult to reach there as you would have to come face to face with some bad roads and other natural disasters such as landslide and heavy winds.

If you really like to enjoy the beauty of Munnar, then it is better you plan you tour during the months of October to February. These months offers a pleasant climate which is most suited for tourism and you would be able to enjoy the beauty of Munnar at its best. Plan you trip to Munnar during the above mentioned time and book a room in any of the hotels or resorts in Munnar to make your stay at Munnar more comfortable. During these months there would not be any serious rains and this would help you in exploring Munnar hill stations in a much better way.

So just wait a few months and allow the current weather in Munnar to change, in order to visit Munnar. Till then you can explore other tourist destinations that are worth watching during the monsoon season in Kerala.

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